Purity Ring – Begin Again

2015 4AD Records

Featuring Jessamine-Bliss Bell, Catherine Treviel, Matt Joplin, Seb Craig, Molly Moody, Leo Hatton

Director – Alex Takacs
DP – Steve Annis
AD – Rawdon De Fresnes
Producer – Jordan Harkins, Rik Green
Production Manager – Max Horn
Exec Prod – Jordan Harkins, Zak Razvi
Prod Company – Pulse Films

1st AC – Chris Stevens
2nd AC -Sean McDermott
Steadicam – Matt Allsop
Grip – Neil Blakesely

Production Designer – Francesca Di Mottola
Art Director – Alannah Byrne
Art Asst – Irene Moreno Feliu
Wardrobe – Stephanie Strate
Tabitha Williamson
Wardrobe Asst – Amy Laverack

Prop Artist – Sarah Sitkin
Prosthetics – Satinder Chumber
Hannah Marshall
Makeup – Danie Farrington
VFX – Eight FX
Colorist – David Torcivia

PAs Sophie Livesey, James Cripps, Christian Cargill

Special thanks to Parker Brooks, Mookie Singerman, Derek Hansen

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