How a badly damaged, rare, vintage surfboard is professionally restored

David Nicklas developed Rogue Wave Surfboard Repair, an app that makes it easy to connect surfers with the surfboard-repair services he provides in Los Angeles. Here, David walks us through how he repairs a vintage 1960s Dewey Weber surfboard shaped by the legendary JoJo Perrin. The process includes scraping off board wax, cleaning the board, fixing large patches of delamination, filling dings, applying hot coat to waterproof the board, then sanding and polishing to finish. The entire process takes 20 hours, but it extends the lifetime of this rare surfboard, making it water-ready.

00:17 Cleaning
00:55 Check for delamination
01:31 Check for dings
01:48 Fixing dings
02:21 Fixing delamination
03:37 Sand delamination
03:52 Waterproofing
04:26 Feathering
04:50 Apply hot coat
05:25 Sanding
06:16 Polishing
06:36 Results

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