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Greenpeace – Wasteminster

Wasteminster is a uniquely original depiction of what would happen if the plastic waste the UK exports each day was instead dumped on Downing Street. […]

TRUCKISTAN — ٹرکستان

Ever heard of Truckistan? Hop-on with Pakistani truck drivers to discover this imaginary country in their thrilling and vivid playground! Filmed in October 2019 in […]

Aurland in Summer (Flåm, Undredal, Nærøyfjord) – Norway 4K p.2

Video shot by Gianluca Trupiano during a brief stay in Undredal (Norway) in July 2019. Music: Blue Planets by All Good Folks, licensed via Music […]

Elements of Iceland

Iceland is hands down one of my favourite countries to explore and capture. Having visited a few years ago and already made a traditional travel […]

CROSSROADS : Life in the Resilient City

Five cities. Five stories. This documentary looks at the urban experience from the perspective of people living at the interface of the changing world. In […]

The last thing we forget|Shot on BMPCC 6K PRO

This is a short film I made for a campaign for Bang & Olufsen. As a part of that campaign it was posted on my […]

Venice turns 1600 years old [Director’s Cut]

I’ve been to Venice many times and yet this enchanting place never ceases to amaze me. A few months ago I had the honor of […]


En el año 1405 llegaron los primeros camellos a Lanzarote. Desde entonces han sido un pilar fundamental en la sociedad de la isla. La camella […]


Larger than all of Utah’s national parks combined, the Manti-La Sal National Forest is woven with snow-capped mountains, kaleidoscopic fall foliage, the sacred Bears Ears, […]

Journey into the North Sea with Alexander Semenov in Dolby Vision

Experience our beautiful, natural world, in even brighter, bolder colors, with Dolby Vision, now available on Vimeo. Dolby Vision brings your stories to life with […]

Colors of the World: Experience the Richness of Holi in Dolby Vision

Experience Holi in a fuller palette of rich new colors, with Dolby Vision, now available on Vimeo. Dolby Vision brings your stories to life with […]


Dale mae is a movie about road trip in Costa Rica A film by Jeremi Stadler Cinematography by Alix Millet, Jérémi Stadler Sound Design Victor […]