You Can Be Satisfied | Lisa Harper | Elevation Church

Our satisfaction can only be found in Him. In “You Can Be Satisfied,” guest speaker Lisa Harper teaches us that authentic hope comes from an […]

A Ridiculous Reality | Pastor Jabin Chavez | Elevation Church

Do something ridiculous and you may just see God do something miraculous. In “A Ridiculous Reality,” Pastor Jabin Chavez of City Light Church challenges us […]

The Frustration of Expectation | Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. | Elevation Church

There’s a blessing on the other side. In “The Frustration of Expectation,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. of Vous Church reminds us that frustrating seasons are […]

Where Restoration Starts | Pastor Robert Madu | Elevation Church

You cannot change what you cannot see.  In “Where Restoration Starts,” Pastor Robert Madu teaches that true growth begins when you look inward. #elevationchurch #robertmadu […]

Let’s Face It | Larry Brey | Elevation Church

The thing that’s been holding you back? It’s time to face it.   In “Let’s Face It,” Elevation Matthews Pastor, Larry Brey, shows us how […]

Marriage, Mom Life, and being a Wife Q&A

I took to IG to get your best questions about marriage, being a wife, being a first time mom and more. Many of you wanted […]

Then They Gathered | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

God has grace for your growth.  In “Then They Gathered,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals how unexpected changes can create room for God […]

Bullying and Trolls from a Christian Perspective

The amount of online bullying, trolling, and downright hate-filled DM’s, comments and messages is out-of-control. It’s one thing to share your faith, beliefs, and worldview online, it’s another […]

Too Grown To Give Up | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

You’ve made it too far to quit now.   In “Too Grown To Give Up,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church challenges us not to quit […]

We Want to Meet You!

The 2021 Girl Defined Conference is happening on July 30-31 in person AND online. You can make it a girls weekend and join us in […]

Running On Empty | Holly Furtick | Elevation Church

Are you running on empty?   In this special Mother’s Day message, Holly Furtick of Elevation Church gives this reminder: Even when you feel empty, […]

How to Know if a Devotional is Good or Bad

Devotionals can either be a really good or really bad tool to help you with your quiet time. Knowing how to cut through the fluff […]