A diner in the middle of the desert, two strangers and a glass of latte: these are the elements of “Milkoffee”, an adaptation of one […]

BROTHERS MCMORRIS – Episode 3 – ‘Springtime in Aspen’

Brothers McMorris is a 3 part mini-series we made for ESPN that explores and celebrates the idiosyncrasies of snowboarding by following Mark and Craig McMorris […]

Rebuilding in Miniature

Ali Alamedy, a displaced Iraqi artist, makes incredibly detailed dioramas of places he has read about but has never been. Originally published in the New […]

Distant Future

DISTANT FUTURE is a short film about the people around the pandemic. Told through beautiful portraiture, it talks about the good, the bad and everything […]


Before We Wrap is a late night talk show, hosted by a black millennial woman. It features candid conversation on culture in a nostalgic 90s […]

I Am Rohingya

Jamalida loves to dance. She sometimes gets the chance at a wedding or a local celebration, even though she lives in a refugee camp in […]

Big Billy

The first ‘raves’ in Melbourne, Australia were staged in the early 1990s. This subculture, already sweeping Europe and the US, introduced Australian listeners to ‘Techno’. […]

WE ARE HERE ISTANBUL (shot & edited on Iphone)

There is such a thing as being in Istanbul and missing Istanbul… This video shot and edited on Iphone. Music by legendary Moğollar – Dağ […]

Stop and Search – Short Film

If you’re black in the UK, the police are 10 times more likely to stop and search you. How would they feel if it was […]


Another short film in the Down our Street series.Featuring Stalybridge, a small town in the foot of the Pennines.

Asia Alive – A Southeast Asia Travel Video

What is a life well-lived? That is the question I have been pondering for quite some time now, and looking back through my years of […]

Anatomy of Hate

It was a triple murder fueled by rage – but was it a hate crime? Co-produced by The Marshall Project and TIME https://www.themarshallproject.org/2020/02/18/anatomy-of-hate
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